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Now You'll Have a Part of Me [Part 2]

Izumi struggles with his studies, and the addition of new information.


Izumi dropped the flash cards onto the table, letting out a deep frustrated sigh as he flopped over onto his notebooks. Studying was so hard and boring. His test was the next morning and at this rate he'd be up until three cramming this material into his stupid brain! He was probably going to fail this test, as if the key terms were hard, the long essay questions were where he was going to get his ass kicked. Usually Kunihiro would help him study and motivate him when he hit walls like this.

"Damn it... Why was I born with the dumb brain..?" he groaned. His fatigue from practice wasn't helping either.

How would it make most sense to you?

Izumi sat up suddenly, glancing around his studio apartment.


He could have sworn he heard a voice.

"Must... have been my imagination. That's really creepy," Izumi mumbled, taking one more suspicious look around his apartment before fishing out is phone and texting Nagasone to come over. He set the phone down as he waited for a reply.

How would it make most sense?

Kunihiro always asked him that question, either when Izumi was having trouble remembering information, or he was just couldn't figure out how to analyze what he was given. He always had some trick or advice that helped Izumi work out patterns that made it easier for the information to stick in his brain.

Izumi glanced back down at the flash cards scattered on his table, some flipped definition-side up while others were word-side up. He picked one up and read the definition.

What was the word again?

Izumi read the definition again, this time aloud. It sounded so familiar, he could remember the diagram his professor had written on the board to help distinguish the various types, which way the arrows went and the general flow of the information, but he word still escaped him.

"Where an unable to remember events before an accident or injury.."

Izumi huffed in frustration, "More like an individual whose too stupid to remember anything and doesn't need and accident to make them forget..."

Dropping the card on the table again, Izumi settled with laying his head back down. Things made so much more sense when Kunihiro explained them.

"Kunihiro.. Kasen is mad at me, and I have no idea how to fix it.."

"Eh? Well, what happened?"

"He had a competition, for the flower arrangement thing he does, and.."

"You forgot to go?"



"I had it on my calendar! I just...forgot it was this last Saturday..."

"How often do you check your calendar?"


"Maybe it would be a good idea to make it a habit to check your calendar regularly. Or, put events into your phone and set automatic reminders? That usually helps me."

"I guess.. It just seems like a hassle."

"Kane-san, if you're going to make commitments you need to remember them."

"..I know.."

"Then do it."


"You're able to remember when your classes and labs are, not to mention all your team meetings for soccer. It shouldn't be hard to remember your older brother's competitions."

"I... yeah, you're right."

"It just takes interest and consideration, which, I know you are capable of."

"Ow- Don't pinch me!"

"Did you apologize?"

"Kind of.. I was gonna ask if he wanted to talk, over tea or something."

"That's a start, Kane-san!"


Izumi's phone buzzed on the tabletop, startling him, the caller ID flashing with Nagasone's name.


"I'm outside your apartment."

"Oh sorry, hold on!" Izumi stood quickly, a few papers falling off his table. He quickly picked them up and walked to the door. Sure enough Nagasone was waiting, donned in his usual shorts, sweater and flip flops, backpack slung haphazardly over his shoulder.

"Sorry for making you wait," Izumi apologized as he let Nagasone in, "I don't think I heard your text. How are you not cold?"

"It's fine," Nagasone replied, "I figured you were studying. Also, how could you forget, this weather hardly fazes me."

"Huh, right," Izumi closed the door, "I'm not having much success studying, honestly."

"You usually study with Kunihiro, right?"


Nagasone gave a soft chuckle as he walked over to the table and set himself opposite of Izumi's seat. Izumi followed.

"He is a pretty good studier, isn't he," Nagasone commented. Izumi nodded, pulling a cup from one of his cupboards and filling it with water.

"Would you like some tea?"


"Haven't heard anymore news since this morning," Nagasone started when Izumi walked over with a steaming mug of tea, "I'm glad he's okay though. He said that we don't have to worry."

Izumi cocked his head, "Who said not to worry?"

"Kunihiro. He texted everyone this morning."

Izumi frowned. Kunihiro had texted everyone today...?

"I never received a text this morning."

Nagasone looked up at him, confusion written on his face. "He didn't? I was pretty sure you would be the first person he texted. That's odd."

Izumi looked down at his phone. How odd indeed.

End Part 2

Author's Note
Thanks for reading!

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