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2017-02-28 04:58 pm

Now You'll Have a Part of Me [Part 3 2/2]

Izumi took a deep breath as they entered the hospital, his nerves much more on edge than before. There was really no reason for him to be so nervous, it was just Kunihiro they were seeing, not his grandparents or Kasen.

"You okay, Izumi?" Nagasone asked, giving him a soft pat on the shoulder, "You seem more subdued than usual?"

Izumi smiled, "I guess I'm a little nervous.. I just.. I'm just worried he'll be, ya know, different."

"I can understand that," Nagasone replied, "there is a level of fear with having someone important to you ending up in the hospital."

Izumi turned his gaze to the small package in his hands. Was it fear he was feeling?

"You're all here to visit Horikawa Kunihiro?"

"Yes," Nagasone answered, moving to the front of the group to exchange words with the nurse.

It only took a few minutes before they were being ushered past double doors and down a hallway that ran along the east side of the hospital. Kunihiro's room was located along the east wing, a story up from the ground level. It overlooked the bay and harbor as well as the bridge that crossed the estuary towards the city. Below was a view of the hospital courtyard.

Kunihiro glanced up at them as they entered, his eyes brightening.

"How are you feeling?" Yasusada greeted, placing the bouquet of flowers on the bedside table.

"I am doing better, less nauseous than before" he replied, marveling at the flowers for a moment, "I'm so glad you guys came to visit."

"That's good to hear," Yasusada sighed, taking a seat on the edge of the bed. "We brought you some goodies."

Nagasone set a basket containing fruits and other snacks, a few small packages lay tucked away in the tissue paper.

"Don't worry, there's no homework hidden in there," he joked.

Kunihiro chuckled softly and reached for one of the pears. "We can get the nurse to bring a knife and plate."

For what it was worth, Kunihiro looked like he normally did, same kind blue eyes and gentle smile but perhaps a little more tired than usual. Other than the bandages that wrapped around his head, he looked well enough.

"I'm sorry to have made you worry," he apologized, leaning back against his pillow as he watched Nagasone peal and slice the pear. "It all happened so quickly... All I remember was..looking out through the broken window.."

"We're just glad you are okay," Nagasone assured, handing Kunihiro a slice of pear, "We have all the time later to talk about what happened."

"He's right," Kashuu added, "Don't worry about explaining the accident to us now. What's important is your recovery."

Kunihiro nodded, "Ah, I see. I guess I won't worry about it then."

Izumi watched the interaction from where he sat near the foot of the bed.

Why was it suddenly so hard for him to join in the conversation? It wasn't like he and Kunihiro were on bad terms with each other.

A nurse entered to quickly check up on Kunihiro, and Izumi took the moment of distraction to collect his thoughts. The small package still rested in his hands and he debated on whether to leave it on the bedside table or to just give it to Kunihiro personally at a later date. It wasn't like it was anything super special, just a little something he had found while he was visiting home that reminded him of Kunihiro.

"Ah.. If you don't mind me asking, "Kunihiro spoke up, after the nurse had done her check up, "um..who have you brought along with you?"

Yasusada and Kashuu cocked their heads, confusion written on their faces.

"Eh? What do you mean?"

Kunihiro looked a little puzzled at their confusion. "Ah.. I'm sorry," he replied, his fingers curling slightly in the sheets, his discomfort shown on his face.

Izumi frowned, but didn't take his eyes off of Kunihiro. He could feel his heart starting to beat a little faster. Kunihiro slowly lifted his head and fixed his gaze on Izumi for the first time that day.

"I'm sorry if this..comes off as rude or..insensitive," he stated with all seriousness, "But have we met before?

End Part 3 [2/2]

Author's Notes
Thanks for reading!
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2017-02-24 08:29 pm

Now You'll Have a Part of Me [Part 3 1/2]

“Izuminokami, I know you’re in there. Wake up! It’s Saturday.”

Several loud knocks and half a second later Izumi was stumbling out of bed looking for something decent to wear.

“Hold on…” he called.

Why Kashuu thought it would be a good day to visit was beyond Izumi’s comprehension at so early- He glanced at the clock.

Twelve o’ five.

Izumi grumbled and pulled his sleep shirt over his head, rummaging through his drawer for something suitable, a pull-over would work, and a pair of sweats.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Kashuu greeted with a smile.

“Shut up…” Izumi replied, stepping aside to let the junior arts history major in.

“Sleeping at this hour. Do I need to cook you breakfast?”


Kashuu smirked, raising an elegant eyebrow.

Izumi wasn’t in the mood, or the right mind, to banter, “Okay, fine. Knock yourself out…”

Kashuu winked at him as he made his way into the kitchen.

“You look like you drank one too many shots last night,” He stated, “And like something has been bothering you.”

“Oh really? Well I’m underage drinking is not the issue,” Izumi didn’t mean for his response to come off sarcastically, but it did.

Kashuu said nothing, pulling a frying pan from the cupboards, “How do you find things in these cupboards? And why do you have nato in here instead of the fridge?”

“I really don’t need your commentary on my kitchen,” Izumi huffed, flopping down on one of the cushions next to the table. Of all the things he had to deal with first thing after waking up.

Kashuu glanced over at him, “You can always call Yasusada or I to help you put your life together, though Kunihiro usually helps you with that. And you don’t normally sleep until noon. Don’t you have practice or something on Saturdays?”

Izumi rolled his eyes but couldn’t help smiling. Kashuu, regardless of his persnickety nature and constant grooming, was always so perceptive and observant. Even when it came off as nosy, he still did genuinely care about the well being of others.
“I’m just tired from the week,” Izumi replied, “I kind of failed my test yesterday too, and I know I’m not getting enough sleep. No practice today though.”

Kashuu hummed, “I see..”

Izumi rested his head on the table. His sleepless nights had become more frequent and he wasn’t exactly sure why, he had always been able to sleep fine, even when homework kept him up past midnight.

“One order of scrambled eggs, hot and ready,” Kashuu announced, placing the plate in front of Izumi.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. But sit over here so I can bush your hair, it’s a mess.”

Izumi rolled his eyes again but moved anyway.

“We are going to visit Kunihiro this afternoon, you gotta at least look presentable,” Kashuu continued, gently working out a tangle. Izumi chewed silently on his meal, though his appetite suddenly escaped him.

They were visiting Kunihiro…

Part of him felt unsettled about the meeting. Logically he should feel excited or at least relieved that Kunihiro was well enough to have visitors, but the unreceived message still weighted heavily on his mind. He did not attempt to text Kunihiro that night, or the next morning for whatever reason he could not place at the moment.

“There, all finished.”

Izumi turned to look at the end of his hair. Kashuu braided it up nicely, the small red ribbon he always wore tied at the end.

“Thank you,” Izumi replied through a mouthful of egg.

Kashuu accepted the thanks but not before scolding him for talking with his mouth full. Izumi just stuck his tongue out at his upperclassman friend, scarfing down the rest of his food before dropping the plate in the sink and going to get dressed for the day.

End Part 3 [1/2]

Author's Note
Thanks for reading!
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2017-02-08 07:11 pm

Now You'll Have a Part of Me [Part 2]

Izumi struggles with his studies, and the addition of new information.


Izumi dropped the flash cards onto the table, letting out a deep frustrated sigh as he flopped over onto his notebooks. Studying was so hard and boring. His test was the next morning and at this rate he'd be up until three cramming this material into his stupid brain! He was probably going to fail this test, as if the key terms were hard, the long essay questions were where he was going to get his ass kicked. Usually Kunihiro would help him study and motivate him when he hit walls like this.

"Damn it... Why was I born with the dumb brain..?" he groaned. His fatigue from practice wasn't helping either.

How would it make most sense to you?

Izumi sat up suddenly, glancing around his studio apartment.


He could have sworn he heard a voice.

"Must... have been my imagination. That's really creepy," Izumi mumbled, taking one more suspicious look around his apartment before fishing out is phone and texting Nagasone to come over. He set the phone down as he waited for a reply.

How would it make most sense?

Kunihiro always asked him that question, either when Izumi was having trouble remembering information, or he was just couldn't figure out how to analyze what he was given. He always had some trick or advice that helped Izumi work out patterns that made it easier for the information to stick in his brain.

Izumi glanced back down at the flash cards scattered on his table, some flipped definition-side up while others were word-side up. He picked one up and read the definition.

What was the word again?

Izumi read the definition again, this time aloud. It sounded so familiar, he could remember the diagram his professor had written on the board to help distinguish the various types, which way the arrows went and the general flow of the information, but he word still escaped him.

"Where an unable to remember events before an accident or injury.."

Izumi huffed in frustration, "More like an individual whose too stupid to remember anything and doesn't need and accident to make them forget..."

Dropping the card on the table again, Izumi settled with laying his head back down. Things made so much more sense when Kunihiro explained them.

"Kunihiro.. Kasen is mad at me, and I have no idea how to fix it.."

"Eh? Well, what happened?"

"He had a competition, for the flower arrangement thing he does, and.."

"You forgot to go?"



"I had it on my calendar! I just...forgot it was this last Saturday..."

"How often do you check your calendar?"


"Maybe it would be a good idea to make it a habit to check your calendar regularly. Or, put events into your phone and set automatic reminders? That usually helps me."

"I guess.. It just seems like a hassle."

"Kane-san, if you're going to make commitments you need to remember them."

"..I know.."

"Then do it."


"You're able to remember when your classes and labs are, not to mention all your team meetings for soccer. It shouldn't be hard to remember your older brother's competitions."

"I... yeah, you're right."

"It just takes interest and consideration, which, I know you are capable of."

"Ow- Don't pinch me!"

"Did you apologize?"

"Kind of.. I was gonna ask if he wanted to talk, over tea or something."

"That's a start, Kane-san!"


Izumi's phone buzzed on the tabletop, startling him, the caller ID flashing with Nagasone's name.


"I'm outside your apartment."

"Oh sorry, hold on!" Izumi stood quickly, a few papers falling off his table. He quickly picked them up and walked to the door. Sure enough Nagasone was waiting, donned in his usual shorts, sweater and flip flops, backpack slung haphazardly over his shoulder.

"Sorry for making you wait," Izumi apologized as he let Nagasone in, "I don't think I heard your text. How are you not cold?"

"It's fine," Nagasone replied, "I figured you were studying. Also, how could you forget, this weather hardly fazes me."

"Huh, right," Izumi closed the door, "I'm not having much success studying, honestly."

"You usually study with Kunihiro, right?"


Nagasone gave a soft chuckle as he walked over to the table and set himself opposite of Izumi's seat. Izumi followed.

"He is a pretty good studier, isn't he," Nagasone commented. Izumi nodded, pulling a cup from one of his cupboards and filling it with water.

"Would you like some tea?"


"Haven't heard anymore news since this morning," Nagasone started when Izumi walked over with a steaming mug of tea, "I'm glad he's okay though. He said that we don't have to worry."

Izumi cocked his head, "Who said not to worry?"

"Kunihiro. He texted everyone this morning."

Izumi frowned. Kunihiro had texted everyone today...?

"I never received a text this morning."

Nagasone looked up at him, confusion written on his face. "He didn't? I was pretty sure you would be the first person he texted. That's odd."

Izumi looked down at his phone. How odd indeed.

End Part 2

Author's Note
Thanks for reading!
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2017-02-08 06:22 pm

Now You'll Have a Part of Me [Part 1]

A Touken Ranbu fic from my tumblr account @alpha-antares.

Characters: Izuminokami Kanesada, Horikawa Kunihiro, Nagasone Kotetsu, Kashuu Kiyomitsu, Yamatonokami Yasusada


To say Izumi was shocked was an understatement.

Not more than a few days ago they were walking together to class, laughing about the previous night's excitement and the upcoming soccer match against Sanjo University. Not more that a few days ago he seemed as lively and healthy and full of energy, just as the first day he helped Izumi navigate his way through the college campus.

To hear that Horikawa Kunihiro was currently in the hospital undergoing some sort of medial treatement made Izumi's stomach drop.

"Those are the only details I know right now," Kashuu continued, fiddling absentmindedly at a piece of bread on his plate. They sat at a table in the far corner, the noise in the cafeteria rising slightly as the clock struck noon and more students filed in to grab lunch.

"Did Yamanbagiri tell you?" Yasusada asked, having picked up his spoon again, though not making any movement to start eating again.

"Yeah," Kashuu replied, "He called me last night actually. He sounded upset so...I couldn't help but ask."

"Uh..Isn't that kind of intrusive?" Nagasone commented, "I mean, considering this is the first news any of us have heard?"

"I suppose.." Kashuu leaned back in his chair, smiling awkwardly.

"Well, the least we can do is not spread the news anymore," Yasusada explained, "Maybe in a couple of days or so we can go visit, and see how he's doing for ourselves?"

"Yeah, that would be a good idea. But we'll probably have to get the okay from Yamanbagiri and Yamabushi.."

"Ah, that's true."

You're kind of quiet, Izuminokami.."

Izumi looked up from the spot he was staring at on the table. "Ah- well, I'm... just surprised, I suppose," he replied weakly, "I idea."

"None of us had any idea," Kashuu sighed, "Kunihiro is not the type to miss class, except for when he's deathly sick or something."

It's not the same!, Izumi wanted to say. It was one thing to just hear the news, but surgeries or hospital visits were planned. It was only in the extreme cases of freak accidents that someone would be fine one day and not the next. Unless...

The table fell silent again. Kashuu continued to play with his bread, while Yasusada began rummaging through his bag looking for a pen. Izumi stared blankly at the notebook he'd been writing down missed lecture notes into, only half of it copied and probably not going to get finished until late that night. His hand was shaking slightly but not enough for the others to notice.

"Ah.. Well, I gotta get going," Nagasone announced, shoveling the last of his food into a container and tossing it into his backpack.

"Eh.. already?" Yasusada glanced up at the clock that hung at the end of the dining hall, "You don't have anymore classes today."

Nagasone laughed, "I'll be able to hang out later. I've.. got a study session I need to go to."

"Oh? Nagasone has learned how to study finally." Kashuu teased, "what changed you? Was it the our fabulous junior class president with the flowing lilac hair-"

"Shut up, Kashuu!" Nagasone retorted, throwing a crumpled napkin in Kashuu's direction.

Izumi and Yasusada both snorted.

"Like you're any better," Nagasone huffed, unable to hide the slight blush that graced his masculine face, "Always complaining about how much homework you still have at midnight."

Kashuu visibly flinched as the napkin narrowly missed him and went skidding under the adjacent table. "Don't throw things! look you littered, go pick it up!"

"Nah, I'll let you do that."

Nagasone stuck his tongue out, slinging his backpack onto his shoulders and making no move to retrieve the napkin. Yasusada and Izumi waved goodbye as Kashuu indignantly went and picked up the "mess", muttering something along the lines of "brawny heathen".

"I should have saved it and put it in one of his shoes," he stated when he returned to the table.

"That would have been funny," Yasusada commented, "Though I feel like that might be a dangerous game to start with Nagasone."

"I'll gladly take on that challenge," Kashuu huffed.

"Would you though?"

Izumi gave a soft chuckle, listening to the two banter. He glanced over at the clock. It was ten til the hour and he still needed to go to the student store and get a scan-tron for his test on friday.

"You headed out too, Izumi?"

"Yeah," he replied pushing aside several binders so his notebook would fit in his messenger bag, "I've got some things to do as well."

"Okay," Yasusada bounced in his seat, "You're still free on Thursday right?"

"Oh.. Yeah, I'll just text you when I get out of class."

"Alright, we'll see you then."

Izumi nodded and headed toward the kitchen to drop off his tray. The day was already long, but now it seemed much longer.

End Part One

Author's Note
Part One! Hope you enjoyed it!