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Shay Cormac is a modern Templar and Connor is part hare. They live together in Shay's apartment.


Shay returned home from a long day of work. He set down bag and walked into the kitchen. Hare Connor was sitting at the table eating a bowl of vegetables.

"Hello Connor."

Connor got up from his chair and gave Shay a big hug. Shay kissed the little hare's head before walking over to the refrigerator and pulling out some leftovers.

"What are we going to do today?" Connor asked.

"Well, I was thinking we could go get some ice cream at the park. How does that sound?"

The little hare nodded with excitement. Shay finished his food and put his dish in the dishwasher before heading upstairs. He changed into a more comfortable set of clothes and went back down stairs. Connor was sitting on the couch patiently waiting. He stood when Shay entered the living room. Shay smiled.

"Shall we?"


Shay and Connor got into the car and drove to the park. It was a clear sunny day and the parents and their children were out and about. When Connor and Shay got to the park there were little kids running to and fro, there were dogs. It was quite exciting. Shay noticed the little hare's hesitance to exit the car.

"It is alright," he reassured Connor, "I will make sure none of those dogs attacks you."

Connor nodded and cautiously got out.

An ice cream truck was spotted not far from where they were parked. They walked over and Connor sat on a bench while Shay went to get the ice cream. Hare Connor looked around at all the children in the park. They were swinging, running and even digging holes in the sandbox provided. They all looked so happy and content with life.

"Mama look!"

Connor turned his head to find a little girl in a yellow dress looking at him. She walked up to him and crawled on the bench next to him.

"May I touch your ears?" she asked politely

"Sure," Connor replied

The little girl gently ran her hand down one of his long ears. It twitched a little when she smoothed her hand down it again, making her giggle. Connor smiled at her.

"Thank you, mister bunny!" she said, getting down from the bench and running over to her mother.

"Looks like you're making friends."

Connor turned to find Shay standing next to him with two ice cream cones. He was handed one with a round scoop of green ice cream with small crumbled bits of something on it.

"I got you mint chocolate," Shay explained, "I thought you might like the mint."

Hare Connor nodded and stared back at his ice cream. He did not really know how to eat it. Glancing back over at Shay he noticed that he was licking the scoop with his tongue. Connor tried the same thing and realized that it was very sweet. He shivered a little as the flavor melted into his taste buds before taking another lick. He shivered again in delight.
Shay watched the little hare enjoy his ice cream. The sight made him feel warm inside.

"He's so cute" he thought.

The two sat a while longer enjoying their ice cream until they where gone. After they finished they walked around the park for a bit before going home.

The End

Authors Notes
Just something fluffy I wanted my sis to write.
I've only seen a few pics of Shay and Connor together.
Hope you enjoyed it!
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