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“Izuminokami, I know you’re in there. Wake up! It’s Saturday.”

Several loud knocks and half a second later Izumi was stumbling out of bed looking for something decent to wear.

“Hold on…” he called.

Why Kashuu thought it would be a good day to visit was beyond Izumi’s comprehension at so early- He glanced at the clock.

Twelve o’ five.

Izumi grumbled and pulled his sleep shirt over his head, rummaging through his drawer for something suitable, a pull-over would work, and a pair of sweats.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Kashuu greeted with a smile.

“Shut up…” Izumi replied, stepping aside to let the junior arts history major in.

“Sleeping at this hour. Do I need to cook you breakfast?”


Kashuu smirked, raising an elegant eyebrow.

Izumi wasn’t in the mood, or the right mind, to banter, “Okay, fine. Knock yourself out…”

Kashuu winked at him as he made his way into the kitchen.

“You look like you drank one too many shots last night,” He stated, “And like something has been bothering you.”

“Oh really? Well I’m underage drinking is not the issue,” Izumi didn’t mean for his response to come off sarcastically, but it did.

Kashuu said nothing, pulling a frying pan from the cupboards, “How do you find things in these cupboards? And why do you have nato in here instead of the fridge?”

“I really don’t need your commentary on my kitchen,” Izumi huffed, flopping down on one of the cushions next to the table. Of all the things he had to deal with first thing after waking up.

Kashuu glanced over at him, “You can always call Yasusada or I to help you put your life together, though Kunihiro usually helps you with that. And you don’t normally sleep until noon. Don’t you have practice or something on Saturdays?”

Izumi rolled his eyes but couldn’t help smiling. Kashuu, regardless of his persnickety nature and constant grooming, was always so perceptive and observant. Even when it came off as nosy, he still did genuinely care about the well being of others.
“I’m just tired from the week,” Izumi replied, “I kind of failed my test yesterday too, and I know I’m not getting enough sleep. No practice today though.”

Kashuu hummed, “I see..”

Izumi rested his head on the table. His sleepless nights had become more frequent and he wasn’t exactly sure why, he had always been able to sleep fine, even when homework kept him up past midnight.

“One order of scrambled eggs, hot and ready,” Kashuu announced, placing the plate in front of Izumi.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. But sit over here so I can bush your hair, it’s a mess.”

Izumi rolled his eyes again but moved anyway.

“We are going to visit Kunihiro this afternoon, you gotta at least look presentable,” Kashuu continued, gently working out a tangle. Izumi chewed silently on his meal, though his appetite suddenly escaped him.

They were visiting Kunihiro…

Part of him felt unsettled about the meeting. Logically he should feel excited or at least relieved that Kunihiro was well enough to have visitors, but the unreceived message still weighted heavily on his mind. He did not attempt to text Kunihiro that night, or the next morning for whatever reason he could not place at the moment.

“There, all finished.”

Izumi turned to look at the end of his hair. Kashuu braided it up nicely, the small red ribbon he always wore tied at the end.

“Thank you,” Izumi replied through a mouthful of egg.

Kashuu accepted the thanks but not before scolding him for talking with his mouth full. Izumi just stuck his tongue out at his upperclassman friend, scarfing down the rest of his food before dropping the plate in the sink and going to get dressed for the day.

End Part 3 [1/2]

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