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Sousuke is a wolf looking for work in the hostile world of the humans. Since he was a pup he's had to fight to survive and make it to the next day. One sunny day he happens upon a farm nestled in the foothills of Iwatobi. Here he meets the old farmer Goro, who is willing to hire the wolf so long as he doesn't try and make a snack out of the other individuals working and living there. What Sousuke soon finds is the farm is not like any of the others. He meets a kind, green eyed cow named Makoto, who he is immediately taken by. How the story goes? Well....


It had been three days since Sousuke had high-tailed it out of a small town meat market with a hefty bag of pork cutlets slung over his shoulder, avoiding the barrage of small metal bullets that occasionally got too close for comfort. He'd been looking for work, his only option being to find a job in the human world. While he exhibited most of the human physiology his ears, tail, and hot attitude were what labeled him as dangerous to the humans.

"He could lash out and kill someone at any moment!"

"He's a danger to our town and children! Get him out of here!"

Sousuke sighed, he'd heard it all before but it didn't make things easier. He needed to make a living and with the regulation of livestock and the dwindling deer, rabbit and any other animal deemed wolf food in the forests, finding food was hard. He was almost out of provisions (a hungry stomach can do that) and he still hadn't found any place to restock or steal from.

"This sucks," he mumbled.

The dirt road he was currently traversing came to a fork, one pathway clearly traveled the other, not so much. Sousuke glanced between the two roads. The clearly traversed path would probably lead him to another town but how far that was from here he had no idea. The other could lead to a house or farm. The wolf sighed heavily, maybe it was better if he laid low considering his last foray and pick off the animals that could potentially be at the farm, if there was one.Turning down the less trodden path Sousuke lost himself in his thoughts.

The sun just passed mid afternoon, a gentle but cool breeze foretelling a cool night. Sousuke pulled his scarf closer around his neck and hunkered down more in his coat. If this road in fact led to a house or farm he'd be lucky if he got there just at nightfall, if not he'd have to find a secure place to sleep, out of the cold and the wind.

The sun was just about at the horizon when Sousuke caught the faint sound of...a violin? No.. It was a voice! The wolf quickened his pace slightly, stopping every once in a while to check if the voice had faded. It was still fairly faint but he could tell he was getting closer because the smell of burning wood crossed his path. Either there was a house up ahead or someone was camping in the forest. Sousuke licked his lips at the thought of fresh food and stolen himself a little ways off the road. Maybe if it was an unexpecting human he could attack and pull them into the forest with no one knowing. It'd be easy.

The wolf was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realize the grown in front of him disappear until it was too late. Sousuke fell head long down a hillside of bushes, rocks and trees none of which helped break his fall. By the time he finally slid to a halt at the bottom of the ravine he was sing multiples of the same object and his body ached like no other. He caught the sound of water nearby and the sound of something creaking and turning. He would have rolled over but the sudden sound of feet approaching had him freezing up.

'Shit!' He thought, 'it's probably a hunter!'

He was more than halfway hidden by a bush so perhaps if he just didn't move the person would walk by and not notice. After all humans couldn't smell like wolves could. They had to rely on their canines to do the dirty work while they waited in hiding; tricksters, lazy asses. The footsteps drew closer, the crunch of dirt and twigs getting louder. Sousuke closed his eyes tight and kept his body still.

'Please pass by, please pass by!' He thought furiously.

The sound stopped suddenly and all Sousuke could hear was the water and the wind. The wolf slowly opened his eyes, fearing the worst, his heart thumping loudly in his chest.

"...Um, are you alright?"

Sousuke's eyes flew open at the voice that sounded like it was right above him. He tilted his head back in the direction of the voice and was met with a pair of large green eyes. The wolf tensed hard, staring back at those green orbs and not knowing what to do. In a split second he snapped out of his stupor and quickly rolled over kicking up dust and making quite a commotion. Eyes wide and body pressed against a large log, probably the one he fell over, Sousuke tried to distance himself from the individual who for all intents and purposes was probably a hunter or a stupid human. His heart was racing in his chest, temples thumping but as the dust settled and he was able to clearly see the individual he was taken by surprise. Those big green eyes were not those of a human but if a, Sousuke looked the individual up and down, soft brown ears, small horns and a soft brown tail? This individual was a...cow?

"Um, are you alright?" The cow asked again, "I saw you fall from up there."

The cow pointed up toward the top of the ravine and Sousuke glanced up momentarily to see how far he's fallen. Apparently a long way down.

"I'm...fine," he mumbled, trying to stand and failing.

"Are you sure?! Careful!" The cow replied, a worried expression crossing his face.

Sousuke huffed in irritation. Couldn't the dipshit tell? He was a wolf and not to be trusted.

"I'm fine," he repeated, "really. You probably should just stay away from me, anyway."

"You don't look fine," the cow returned, "and why should I stay away from you, you're injured and need help. Come on."

Before Sousuke could make any more protests he was pulled to his feet, his left arm being slung over broad shoulders. He glanced over at the cow, finally looking and taking in the details. Those big green eyes were facing forward, a small smile formed on soft looking lips. The colors of the cows ears were a mixture of white and an sandy olive-brown matching the messy mop of hair on the cow's head. He was as tall as Sousuke and had small freckles just under his eyes.

'Cute' Sousuke thought.

"My master will fix you up," the cow explained as they made their way upstream of the creek a bit to a small wooden bridge. “He’s very kind that way.”

There was a mill hut along the creek with a water turbine creaking and turning slowly with the flow of the stream. That was what Sousuke heard earlier. Across the bridge the pathway wound through s dense forest of aspen and willow, the small oval shaped leaves glowing a warm green in the evening light, similar to the cow's eyes.The walk was short and the pathway soon opened up to a small meadow circled by trees and completely surrounded by hills. The sun sat comfortably in the saddle of two of the hills, slowly falling lower in the sky.

Above the clouds floated, puffy and pink against the pastel backdrop of the sky. Some geese honked noisily as they flew southward, most likely looking for a lake or pond to spend the night. Just across the meadow, nestled just behind the tree line Sousuke could make out the form of a house, not a small cottage per se but a decent sized house accompanied by a barn. Surrounding the house was a wooden fence lines with wire mesh, probably to keep animals, like Sousuke, from slipping through easily. The two reached the fence soon enough but the cow gently let Sousuke rest against the railing before explaining the situation.

"You'll have to wait here," he said, folding his hands behind his back, tail swishing back and forth as he spoke, "my master needs to know you're hear before he can let you in."

Sousuke hummed and leaned more against the fence, smirking and licking his lip a bit.

"Why's that?" He asked, taking this moment to look the bovine individual up and down.

"This isn't your...typical farm," the cow explained, "plus I need to make sure he's fine with inviting a wild canine into the fold. I'm sure you can understand."
Sousuke was about to say something else but stopped at the mention of 'wild canine'. He stared, slightly dumbfounded at the cow.

"How...could you tell?" He asked, clearly not thinking straight at the moment.

"Your scent," the cow said, blushing a little, "and the fact that you have a grey puffy tail and angular ears. Most of the canines we see do not have pointed ears like you do."

Sousuke frowned and tweaked his ears before sighing and resting against the fence again.

"You've made your point," he grumbled.

The cow smiled and turned, keeping an eye on the wolf.

"It won't take long," he reassured Sousuke, "I'm sure Goro would love to have you join our fold."

With that the cow pranced off leaving a bewildered and slightly confused wolf to ponder his fortune or misfortune.


Author’s Notes

Just a fic idea I’ve had for a while, thought it’d be nice to post it since I mainly post and reblog art. Hope you all enjoy!
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